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What does a membership to TexasARA Offer? 

As an auto and truck part recycler/dismantler, helping TARA is the best way to help yourself.... in increasing your own knowledge, in government/industry relations, and in your pursuit of high professional standards and greater profits.  Here are some of the advantages TARA membership offers you:

Protection - TARA gives you strong representation before the state and local legislative and administrative bodies that have the right to regulate and tax you.  Only when many voices speak as one are your interests protected in the fields of labor, legislation and public relations.

Prestige - The TARA emblem is a hallmark of distinction that tell your customers and fellow recyclers and dismantlers that you are a professional.

Exchange of Ideas - The annual convention and educational seminars are a forum for exchanging ideas with other successful professionals in your industry.  You have a quartly newsletter to keep you up-to-date on what other auto recyclers and dismantlers are doing.  The newsletter also provides industry and technical information.

TARA Newsbreak - This newsletter is a way of communicating with each member on a regular basis.  It keeps members informed on many important industry and legislative issues as well as general trade information on a state and national level.

Education - You can improve and update your technical and business knowledge by attending the annual convention and trade show.  It is held at various locations throughout the state.  The trade show features suppliers from across the nation demonstrating their products and services.  Find out what is new to your industry, reestablish ties with existing suppliers and gain insight from new suppliers.

TARA Membership Roster - The directory is distributed yearly and contains the complete roster of TARA members.  Each firm's name, address, phone number and owner/manager is listed.  Members are listed by firm, by owner/manager and by region.  The director also includes the officers and board of directors, honorary members, a resource page of frequently called numbers and the TARA bylaws.

Legislation - TARA represents your interests in Austin during legislative sessions.  In addition, the Association monitors the activities of agencies whose rulings could affect your industry.  Through PAC, the political action committee, Texas auto and truck recyclers and dismantlers can participate in a legislatively approved method of contributing to political candidates.  PAC enables members to support candidates who have an understanding and an empathy for our industry.

ARA Services - TARA members who are not members of the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) receive some of the benefits of ARA membership.  Once or twice a year, ARA sends to all TARA members a copy of Dismantlers Digest , the official publication of ARA.